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Inside you’ll find in-the-trenches discussions around the latest and most innovative cold outreach tactics, Clay templates, and AI-powered workflows.

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Why Join Our Mastermind?

High-level forum for discussion 💬

  • Learn directly from experts doing the work

  • Participate in conversations about Clay, data scraping, cold outreach best practices, deliverability trends, and other topics

  • Gain unique insights into topics that people won't talk about publicly
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Gain access to valuable Clay templates

  • You no longer need to watch endless tutorials to learn new Clay tricks

  • Some of your favorite LinkedIn creators are members sharing unique templates

  • We're adding new Clay and other templates every week 🔥

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Cut the Learning Curve

  • Twice a month Hans or guest experts host AMA's, live builds, or strategy sessions

  • Get direct answers to your most burning questions

  • Learn from others who are in the same position as you are and gain insights into what's working for them
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Are you ready to join a life-changing community?

Of course you are. But just in case you need convincing, here's what's inside.

  • Popular Feature

    Clay templates

    Get direct access to an ever expanding library of Clay templates, workflows, and tables to level-up your outbound game.

  • Bi-Weekly expert sessions

    Join exclusive sessions where experts show you exactly how they're building cold outreach campaigns that convert.

  • Answers to your questions

    Have questions about Clay, other tools, or how to structure your outreach campaigns? Get direct answers from topic experts.

  • Instant networking

    Join a network of other outbound pro's who are eager to improve their game. Learn together, exchange opportunities, and grow your network.

  • Unique insights

    Join conversations about topics you care about and gain insights that people won't talk about publicly.

  • Previous resources

    Get instant access to all resources and conversations that have been shared in the community.

Membership Requirements

We understand that everyone has to start somewhere, but this probably won't be a great fit if you're a beginner.

1. You are part of or run a cold outreach team or agency
2. You are willing to talk about your tactics openly
3. You are not a total beginner
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$97 per month

$ per user

$97 per month

Max. 350 members
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    Vetted and active community
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    Access to all templates
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    Twice-monthly Live Q&A's
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    50% discount for annual sign-up

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